Our system: netqmail-1.05 on RHEL4.

I have a 'gateway' qmail system. It delivers nothing locally, and just does 
some filtering and logging before passing all messages through. "locals" 
contains only "LOCALHOST", and there are no virtual domains. "smtproutes" 
contains the line "macalester.edu:", and "rcpthosts" contains 

I'd like to do something I would think is very simple and possible, but I am 
stuck. I would like to setup some user forwards on this system. For example, if 
a message comes in for "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" I would like to be able to set a 
forward for that address to "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" or wherever. I would like to 
have a file with entries like:
...and so on... Of course I don't care about the syntax, but you get the idea. 
All other addresses would just follow the rule in smtproutes.

Here's the line of thinking I've been following and the conclusions I've come 
1. Since no mail is delivered locally, creating local user qmail accounts with 
.qmail files has no effect.
2. The moresmtproutes patch is not applicable here because it is for forwarding 
a given address to a specific destination host, not a specific destination 
3. Since no mail is delivered locally, the ~alias/.qmail-default file isn't 
processed either. I had tried populating that file wth the line "| 
/var/qmail/bin/fastforward -d /etc/aliases.cdb", created an aliases file, 
installed fastforward, etc., but it just doesn't get used.

A user on the qmail mailing list suggested using qmailtap.  I think it would 
almost do what I need, so I thought it was worth posting the question to this 
list too.  qmailtap sends a copy to a specific address, however it would still 
allow qmail to attempt delivery of the original message, which would result in 
a failure notice for the sender.  The end result would be that the user would 
receive a forwarded copy of the message, but the sender would think it didn't 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to accomplish this goal, using qmailtap or 
something else?

Thanks in advance,

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