On Jun 29, 2006, at 4:54 AM, Roger wrote:
We recently purchased an Intel 64 bit Server which i installed with Fedora Core 5 64 bit version. I successfully installed Qmail in about 2 days. So now when i look at the MySQL database i notice that there is a database in there called vpopmail in that database a seperate table is created for each domain that i add, when i compare with my older running installation of Qmail, there is a database called vpopmail and inside that that database is a another table called vpopmail which contains all the information on my domains.

Is there any advantage to the new way of doing things, or did i miss something during installation, could someone offer me some advice incase i run the risk of breaking things when i deploy this server over the weekend.

Two different configure options...

You chose "--disable-many-domains" on the FC5 box and got a table for each domain.
The default, "--enable-many-domains" puts all domains in a single table.

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