i'm looking at a migration of users to a new server, located elsewhere, in the coming months. i'm building a server virtually identical to what my systems are currently running on. using vpopmail 5.4.10, with mysql db backend.

something that intrigued me was this old email that's quoted in the mysql readme file for vpopmail installation (edited for brevity)

From: "Ken Jones" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
To: <vchkpw@inter7.com>
Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 3:48 AM
Subject: Re: [vchkpw] vpopmail + billing server integration
> > On Wed, 8 Sep 2004, Ken Jones wrote:
> > > Here is something we built into vpopmail for sites like yours.
> > > Use mysql on the email server. Have the billing system
> > > insert an entry in the vpopmail table, leaving the directory
> > > field blank. vpopmail will automatically create the users
> > > directory and update the database when any program
> > > tries to deliver mail to the user, or authenticate as the user.
> >
> > (I know this is getting offtopic...) So I could use an INSERT statement in
> > SQL instead of vadduser?  Or am I not understanding this correctly?
> That is the idea. A while back some folks wanted to hook up their billing
> systems to vpopmail. Basicly they would insert into the vpopmail sql table.
> The only thing they couldn't do easily was create the hashed directory path.
> So we put in vpopmail code to check if the path is blank and automatically
> create the new path and update the database.

what i was hoping to do was - at the appropriate cutover time - take a snapshot of the vpopmail mysql db's, install that on the new vpopmail server (and update dns to redirect connections there), then - over the course of probably a day - transfer all the existing email on the server over the WAN to the new server. this would allow for a relatively smooth cutover - only IMAP users with lots and lots of email on the server would experience much disruption, as they'd have to wait for the data to be copied over. but because of the non-colliding nature of maildir files, it shouldn't matter when the data xfer occurs after the cutover.

the only issue is the directory structure. the above quoted email says that vpopmail will create the new user dir if there's no hashed directory path in the db. i could have sworn that i'd read on the list that if a user had been created in the db - but not their directory - then when they first logged in, the structure would be created (using the hashed path already in the db). i may be misremembering the above text however. it would solve the problem perfectly though - those users who log in after the cutover would be presented with a new - but blank - maildir, and later it could be populated with their stored mail from the old server. but if vpopmail will only create the user's space if the db has no hashed directory path, then that won't work, as vpopmail would likely organize the user dirs with different paths than currently exist (due to account deletions/creations since the time the original hashed paths were created).

am i making an iota of sense? i was thinking that the one alternative could be to use 'find' to create a list of all the existing directories, and recreate them on the new server - then the users would be 'in place' at the same time as the mysql db is put in place. only thing there is that it does take a while for find to walk through several tens of thousands of directories to record them, so there might be an inconsistency if a customer created a new account right then. that would be a small price to pay though.

yow, this is long. sorry for blabbering on so much. any thoughts?

Paul Theodoropoulos

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