I have a qmail+vpopmail installation installed with Shupp Toaster
instructions.  Everything is working great except for one thing.
Before using vpopmail I used qmail and whenever I wanted to set up a
"global alias", say for abuse@, I would just create a  dot qmail file
in /var/qmail/alias with my email address and I would get all abuse
complaints for all domains on the server.  Now since I've switched to
a vpopmail setup I get "511 sorry, no mailbox here by that name" even
though there is a dot qmail file (.qmail-abuse).  It is my assumption
that this is due to the .qmail-default file that is in each domain's
directory when it is created.

How can I add this functionality back in?  I'd really hate to have to
add symlinks to the .qmail files every time I add a domain, or worse,
need to add them to every domain for any new global aliases.

Thank you.

-ken schweigert

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