5.4.17 - released 12-Jul-06

Release Notes:

Lots of fixes to bugs in the 5.4.16 release, some caused by the back- ported
code from the 5.5 development series.

This release resolves all known problems with 5.4.16.


Rick Widmer
- vpopmaild: remove debug output from find_domain function.
- vpopmail: fix segfault in users/assign sorting code caused by
  entries that don't contain a dot (.). [1514733]

Jeremy Kister
- vdelivermail: pass qmail-inject's error code instead of always
  deferring. [1484105]

Ron Gage
- vmysql: reconnect to server if connection timed out.

Rolf Eike Beer
- vchangepw: add error checking and other code improvements.
- change API for vgetpasswd() to make more sense. [1371566]
- Update del_control() to properly handle remove_lines() return
  value. [1514613]
- vpopmail: minor improvements to remove_lines(). [1371536]

- vmysql, vpgsql: remove entries from vlog when deleting a domain
  or a user. [1099800, 995762]

Michael Krieger
- vcdb, vpopmail: pass mode to open() when creating files.  Fixes
  bug where lock files were created with 0000 permissions. [1499043]
- vpalias: set mydir to NULL after closing it. [1499045]

Tom Collins
- vpalias: don't trash alias name passed to valias_insert().
- vpopmaild: don't show last auth if auth-logging disabled.
- Only include err.h if it's present. [1484110]
- vpgsql: convert domain name to lower case when creating table
  name. [1227383]
- vpopmail: fix minor error in remove_lines() when file locking
  not defined.

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