On 7/18/06, Darek M <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Incoming mail is handled by separate MX machines.  They in turn mount
the vpopmail directory from the main system via NFS, so they have access
to the same vpopmail binaries and domain directories.  So they are using
the vpopmail install from the main system.

However, when a user is over 100%, mail continues to be delivered into
the inbox.  Does anyone have any info on this?  A fix?

You might need Bill Shupp's qmail Maildir++ patch, it has solved
similar issues for me:

"This patch adds maildirquota (Maildir++) support to qmail-pop3d and
qmail-local.  It was created because when vpopmail switched to maildirquotas,
a user's quota usage was not decreased after deleting mail via qmail-pop3d.
Also, because .qmail files would allow qmail-local to write directly to a
Maildir whithout piping through vdelivermail first, quotas were not effective
for aliases.  Actually, this was the case with vpopmail's old quota system as



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