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How I install path chkuser 2.0 with qmailrocks ?

qmailrocks is built around a combined patch file that i wrote. however, it's using a really ancient version of that patch- eric (the qmailrocks maintainer) basically abandoned it for almost a year, and is just now starting to show some interest in bringing things up to date.

i have written a patch, which is now part of the combined patch, which uses a "validrcptto.cdb" file to accomplish the same thing that the chkuser patch does.



- does not require you to have vpopmail installed before installing qmail

- does not require you to re-compile qmail whenever vpopmail is upgraded

- does not require the SMTP service to be running on the same machine as the vpopmail mailboxes. you can copy the validrcptto.cdb file to other machines whose only job is to handle the RBL, virus, and spam scanning, and those machines can validate recipients without having to directly consult vpopmail at all.

- works with systems which don't use vpopmail


- requires you to build a new validrcptto.cdb file whenever a domain or mailbox is added or deleted. i have a patch (the "onchange" patch) for vpopmail which makes it possible to automate this process.


my own server is using the "onchange" patch, and the validrcptto.cdb file is automatically rebuilt whenever anything changes.

i've also written an AUTH_CDB patch for qmail, which allows you to send an "auth.cdb" file to the same filtering machine (which i have always called a "mailhub", but i may be changing my terms before too long) and that machine will be able to also process AUTH commands without consulting vpopmail directly. this is also working well on my own server- my qmail-smtpd does not run any external programs when it receives an AUTH command.

i haven't had time to write a full web page to document the AUTH_CDB patch, but i did add a few paragraphs on the page which describes the newest version of the combined patch.


do yourself a favour- read about the patches which are available, think about your situation and what you need your servers to do, and make an informed decision. if you decide to use my patch, i normally answer questions about it on the qmailrocks lists.

in either case, good luck with whatever solution you choose.

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