I know this sounds wierd, and at first I didn't get it when this happened. Well here's the story.. Before I came my workplace set up a sendmail mail domain, and thats okay. But when people go and use the web client it actaully gives the full name of the server instead of putting @test.com. Everytime a person mails something from the webclient the persons header is re-written to [EMAIL PROTECTED] .. Now on the box I have configured (and believe me it's working till this problem arose) has been configured with a domain called test.com . As it stands now, it accepts all mail to those mailboxes with @test.com to it and whatever mailbox is not located it then through the .qmail-default file flips those boxes over to the test2.com box. Unfortunately even after creating a virtual alias domain test2.com -> test.com it does not know where to deliver the mail OR I receive an error that the mail message itself is undeliverable because it is looping.. What I need to be able to do is to have any mail that has the test2.com in its header to be delivered to test.com and if it can't find any of those test2.com addresses to flip it back to test2.com

That's the best way I can explain it..

On Aug 2, 2006, at 7:24 AM, Doug Appleton wrote:
I have configured a qmail+vpopmail mail server that is running on Redhat Enterprise 4 and is running perfectly except there is one small problem with the old mail server we currently have running. As it stands I have created a domain called test.edu and all mailboxes that are not found on this box are flipped over to the old mailserver where the remaining mailboxes are located. This is done with through the .qmail-default file. It seems to be working fine other than when a person tried to send a mail from the webmail client at test2.edu and the test.edu does not recognize the mailboxes and rejects the mail. Question.. Would creating an alias domain on the test.edu box work? And if so, how would I flip it back through the .qmail-default file so that any mailboxes that the alias domain couldn't find would be flipped back over to the old mailserver where the remaining mailboxes are?

I'm not sure I completely understand your setup, but if you add test2.edu to the rcpthosts file on test.edu, it will accept email for that domain and forward it on to the server hosting test2.edu.

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