Hi Peter,

You could use the 'qmail-pop3d logging addon'. This patch patches qmail-pop3d and logs user information and also bytes transfered during the POP-session.


If you only need to know the user who has logged in. You could use the 'simple logging wrapper for qmail-pop3d':


You do not have to patch qmail is you're going to use the last one.

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Harm van Tilborg

Szeki - Inc wrote:
I want to collect information, about mail downloaded from server (via pop3),
or was viewed by webmail (squirrel, or any IMAP client). I want to put this
informations to a log file, including:

Id of mail (generated on-the fly, or when the mail was delivered to Mailbox)
Channel (PoP3, or Imap)

And who knows what else.

Any suggessions ?


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