If I am posting to the wrong list, please let me know.  The doc for qmail-tap 
reads to post questions to the vpopmail list, the vpopmail doc reads to post 
questions to this list, so here I am!

We recently did a test of qmail-tap, and there was some of unexpected behavior. 
 Some of it was corrected with changing the taps file, but some it would appear 
to require a code change.

For example, the doc for the taps control file reads:
"To tap an individual email address and send a copy to [EMAIL PROTECTED] add a 
line like:

That is actually a bad example, because it will result in multiple matches.  
The user we tested was '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'.  That tap line then matched '[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]', '[EMAIL PROTECTED]', etc.  Since it's a regex match, it matched 
*all* addresses ending in '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'.  The example should use "[EMAIL 
PROTECTED]:[EMAIL PROTECTED]".  The "^" means "starts with", and will enforce 
only exact matches.

That was easy enough, but another problem we encountered I just don't know.  
Using again the example of the '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' user, when she would send an 
e-mail to multiple recipients on the 'To' line, or a mix of 'To', 'Cc' and 
'BCc' lines, the qmail-tap patch would generate one tapped copy for every 
recipient.  That presents no problem from the legal standpoint, but from a more 
practical disk space usage standpoint, it is a big waste of space.  Also, 
qmail-tap matches both on the 'From' and the 'To', so yet another copy is 


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