John Simpson recently posted his patch that parallels conceptual functionality from CHKUSER but separates depedencies as I read it.
Might be a fit, haven't tried it...

Szeki - Inc wrote:
I have a relay server, and have a backend with vpopmail, another with
sendmail (old install), and some other (inlcuding winfs szerver too).

I want to use chkuser to check the recipient from a combined list, or cdb,
or sql storage, to allow only valid recipients to the backend servers. (so
they can't use catch-all, or it can be configureble like [EMAIL PROTECTED])

I can make a big list, from all the users I have on the backends, and I want
chkuser to check the recipient aginst this list.

It is possible ?
There is a program, witch can handle this(RECIPIENTS extension), but it is
hard to integrate for me with qmail. (If someone can integrate it, or modify
it to fit in shupp's toaster, so after patching qmail with it, I can patch
this on top of it,  than I will be more than happy :)

Possible problems:




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