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I hope its the question thats stupid. We regretfully have no
human-rights compatible fix for stupid users.

Sorry for the unwanted noise...in my rush to install a bazillion different packages, it didn't occur to me that FreeBSD ports would default to what
looks like a non-standard location for the cdb file.

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man hier

It is not non-standard for FreeBSD packages. vpopmail get's installed to /usr/local/vpopmail. This is in accordance with man hier. All FreeBSD packages install into /usr/local. /home, or rather /usr/home (/home is a symlink) is where user created files should live, not system libraries and binaries.

From man hier:

local/ local executables, libraries, etc. Also used as the default destination for the FreeBSD ports framework. Within local/, the general layout sketched out by hier for /usr should be used. Exceptions are the man directory (directly under local/ rather than
                          under local/share/), ports documentation (in
share/doc/<port>/), and /usr/local/etc (mimics

This manual page documents the default FreeBSD file system layout, but the actual hierarchy on a given system is defined at the system adminis- trator's discretion. A well-maintained installation will include a cus-
     tomized version of this document.

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