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Today setup a new mail server.

I have 1 mail server with 2 domain, 1 domain to internet access and 1 domain only local user.

the server is on my dmz

the problem is when the sender is from internal domain the chkuser say the following

"CHKUSER rejected sender: from <[EMAIL PROTECTED]:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:> remote <ElisaLugo:unknown:publicipaddress> rcpt <> : invalid sender MX domain"

this user not send email to other domain, only can send mail to my external and internal domain.

can disable this option for my internal domain? the option is CHKUSER_SENDERMX_STRING

Specifically about sender checking, may use CHKUSER_SENDER_NOCHECK_VARIABLE in

You may set it to RELAYCLIENT, and it should automatically be excluded for clients coming from IP authorized to relay.

A general advice is to disable CHKUSER when connection comes from your LAN.

Uncomment CHKUSER_STARTING_VARIABLE in chkuser_settings.h, and set the relative environment variable to NONE for connection from internal LAN, to DOMAIN for all others.


How make disable this?

Help please.


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