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Two questions on this program:

1. Can domains be excluded from receiving the bulletin instead of having to list every email address?

I don't know, what does the manual say? What does it return when you type vpopbull without any commands?

2. Does the mailing go to forwards as well as pop accounts?

No, it will not go to forwards. vpopbull places the email as a real text file in the users Maildir and it does not inject it into the mail system to deliver it like the standard mail system. As for POP accounts, I assume you have qmail-pop3d running as your pop3 server, in which case it will show up like every other message the user downloads from their account, which in turn comes from the Maildir. If you need forward support, best bet is to create an ezmlm mailling list, and update it each time, for this method there have been emails in the last month regarding how to do that.


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