Tijs Zwinkels wrote:
Hey vmailers,

After upgrading to vpopmail-5.4.16, vadddomain would segfault.
Turns out, we had a domain without tld on our server. Let's say 'test'
instead of 'test.com'.

The following piece of code in the function 'extract_domain' in
vpopmail.c:1657 chokes on this:

 t = strtok( tmpbuf, "." );
 while( t && i < 10 ) {
   parts[i++] = t;
   t = strtok( NULL, "." );

 t = parts[--i];
 u = parts[--i];

If no "." is found by strtok, the while-loop will be used only once,
and i will be 1. This makes u=parts[-1]: Array underbound which makes
u a invalid pointer, on which the program will crash shortly

I attached a small patch that corrects a issue.
This patch simply throws a warning, and returns with value '1' when a
domain without dot is detected after the 'strtok' call. Since such a
small domain name doesn't require any formatting, the 'domain'
variable already has the desired value, and since the return-code is
never checked, the program will continue without problems.


Same bug from the 5.4.17 changelog ?

- vpopmail: fix segfault in users/assign sorting code caused by
  entries that don't contain a dot (.). [1514733]

BTW - 5.4.17 should be production quality now. Tom or Bill, are you going to release it as stable soon ? It has passed all my stress testing.



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