Tom Collins wrote:
On Sep 13, 2006, at 3:33 PM, Rick Macdougall wrote:
Same bug from the 5.4.17 changelog ?

- vpopmail: fix segfault in users/assign sorting code caused by
  entries that don't contain a dot (.). [1514733]


BTW - 5.4.17 should be production quality now. Tom or Bill, are you going to release it as stable soon ? It has passed all my stress testing.

Good point -- I just switched it to stable on SourceForge.

Is that with- or without Me Zwinkels' mem-leak fix?
Also, somebody should update
Or is it on somewhere?
Also ,the changelog should feature the bugtracking ids, if they apply. So one can deduce which of the bugs and patches still marked active on is actually relevant.


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