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I'm using as both a mail server and a spam-filtering forwarder for two separate organizations.
Mail comes in to the outside interface of the firewall and is port-forwarded to the qmail toaster ( All traffic for and it is hosted by the qmailtoaster. All traffic for is passed directly to the SBS 2003 Exchange server sitting next to it (
On the qmailtoaster, is only listed in rcpthosts and smtproutes
I can send mail from to with no difficulty. However, When I try to send mail from to it will not go through (Exchange tries to send once every 24 hours for three days, after which it gives up and displays the error code below).
One of the more knowledgeable guys on the qmailtoaster list suggested that it was probably a chkuser problem and to ask over here. Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions?

What you show us is too few. You should check in Exchange the reason why messages have been refused.

It looks more a problem of DNS/navigation from Exchange server to qmailtoaster server, but I cannot say without knowing more.



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