Krzysiek Włodarczak wrote:
> Juliano Souza - Tecnologia napisał(a):
>> How I can build an list [EMAIL PROTECTED] to send emails for everyone for
>> domain?
> Try ezalm:

I've had the same issue. A client (ISP) wants to send mail to all users
in all domains hosted on a particular server.

Creating an ezmlm list for all users would be feasible, but would be
impossible to maintain as users are added/removed.

vpopbull will apparently do this (if you leave off the domain parameter
it apparently sends to all domains) *but* it doesn't recognise any
forwarding settings, i.e. it just drops the mail in the Maildir on the
filesystem without checking .qmail files.

Would it be possible to modify vpopbull so it uses std qmail delivery?




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