On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 15:13 -0300, Elton Ramos Carvalho wrote:

> Thank you for reply Shane, but isn`t that I need.
> I need that the forward entry be stored in my mysql database like 
> virtual valias.

You can add them to the valias table as well. Slightly different format,
but it works, or it used to. I havnt tried it for a while, but i used to
have a mail account storing locally and also forwarding to a gmail
account. You just add two rows to the table with the same alias name and
a different valias_line. The local store gets the Maildir and the remote
one gets the email address.

INSERT INTO valis VALUES('user','domain.com','/dir/to/Maildir');
INSERT INTO valis VALUES('user','domain.com','[EMAIL PROTECTED]');



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