Shane Chrisp wrote:
On Fri, 2006-09-22 at 15:13 -0300, Elton Ramos Carvalho wrote:

Thank you for reply Shane, but isn`t that I need.
I need that the forward entry be stored in my mysql database like virtual valias.

You can add them to the valias table as well. Slightly different format,
but it works, or it used to. I havnt tried it for a while, but i used to
have a mail account storing locally and also forwarding to a gmail
account. You just add two rows to the table with the same alias name and
a different valias_line. The local store gets the Maildir and the remote
one gets the email address.

INSERT INTO valis VALUES('user','','/dir/to/Maildir');


ok, it worked.
Thank you Shane


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