Tom Collins wrote:
> There's a tracker item on SourceForge[1] about vdelivermail not
> accepting email addresses with spaces in the local part (something
> like "a b [EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>").  The problem is that
> qmail-smtpd accepts them as valid, but vdelivermail does not.
> Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion before I make some change
> we'll regret?  I doubt anyone is using spaces, but a quick web search
> seems to imply (discussion of RFC2822) that they're legal (along with
> a lot of other crap).
> [1] 
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"@ @" is legal.
petero'[EMAIL PROTECTED] too.

What if we just ignored some of the oddities of tcp or ip maybe ssl and
http too?
Standards are there for a reason so I say stick to the script or write an
rfc that obsoletes the old one.

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