Charles, you are not out of your mind.  :-)

Charles Butcher wrote:
There was a discussion on the qpsmtpd list recently that touched on this. It seems spaces are legit, but note that if one is to be compliant with the RFC then addresses must be rejected if they don't contain angle brackets. Qmail doesn't enforce this, but there are patches for it.

IMHO anyone expecting to use email addresses containing spaces is out of their mind, and asking for trouble, but that's just me, not the RFC :-)


On 26/09/2006, at 15:20, Tom Collins wrote:

There's a tracker item on SourceForge[1] about vdelivermail not accepting email addresses with spaces in the local part (something like "a b [EMAIL PROTECTED]"). The problem is that qmail-smtpd accepts them as valid, but vdelivermail does not.

Anyone want to weigh in with an opinion before I make some change we'll regret? I doubt anyone is using spaces, but a quick web search seems to imply (discussion of RFC2822) that they're legal (along with a lot of other crap).


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