Can someone comment on the state of vconvert please? Available documentation is a bit sparse (sorry that's not supposed to hurt feelings)

# ./vconvert -v
version: 5.4.17
vconvert: usage
The first option sets which format to convert FROM,
the second option sets which format to convert TO.
-e = etc format
-c = cdb format
-m = sql format
-S = set sqwebmail passwords
-v = version
-d = debug info

Q: Is there a "test" mode to see what vconvert thinks it would do?
Q: What do I do if the migration is between servers, and from /etc/passwd to mysql/vpopmail? I don't think I can figure out how to convince it to straddle two servers to go straight to mysql on the source server. Do I need to output from source (/etc/passwd) to CDB, then move the CDB to target and migrate CDB to mysql?

Q: What does -d really do?
Q: Ken's documentation infers that individual domains can be selected under certain circumstances? Not for /etc/password or is it possible?


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