Quinn Comendant wrote:
There seems to be an issue with vdominfo reporting the wrong number of users. I wanted to make sure 
you guys were aware of the bug. See below, "users:  0" should be "users:  3".

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$vdominfo domain: hoodwink.us
 uid:    89
 gid:    89
 dir:    /home/vpopmail/domains/hoodwink.us
 users:  0
vpopbull reports the correct info:

 [EMAIL PROTECTED] ~]$vpopbull -Vn

Also, Eric 'shubes' <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> on the qmailtoaster list reported even 
stranger results:

I get users:2147483637 (no kidding!) on a domain with one user (postmaster)
and some forwards.

I get user:2147483646 on a domain with 13 users.

Any ideas?


I have noticed the problem Shubes reports many times before. Always when I have migrated from one server to another. My procedure for migrating is to tar up the vpopmail/domains directory and export the vpopmail database. Then, untar the directory on the new server and import the database.

In this scenario, vdominfo reported correct user counts on the old server, and outrageous numbers like 2147483637 on the new server. If I go into the database and manually correct the user counts for each domain in the cur_users field of the dir_control table, the counts display accurately and increment correctly when new users are added from that point on.

When I migrate, however, if I do a vadduser for each mailbox on the new server and then untar the domains directory, the counts are accurate. This is obviously not practical.

Anyhow, just letting you know you are not seeing things.


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