Recently I've moved from adding some spammed addresses into badmailto, but am realizing that's a bit of a waste, as these same users usually turn around and Spam the recipients that are accepted.

This got me thinking- doing a bit of this at the SMTP level and including the Spam scanner could be a neat idea.

Picture this:
 1. mail comes in matching a CDB file of recipients (regex of course to allow for some patterns with asterisks in the middle or so on)
 2. Simscan identifies one of the one or many recipeints to be a Spamtrap e-mail address, and now knows this mail is likely Spam.
 3. Simscan calls sa-learn with a high probabiliy (of course as simscan, which saves any permissions issues)... so sa-learn --spam (either -L or non--- non-locally may be nice since it is a Spam trap)
 4. Simscan rejects the mail with a big 'piss off' style message... of course turned to something more standard- a 5xx response with a 'service unavailable' or something undescriptive.

With the amount of mail I see going to [EMAIL PROTECTED], [EMAIL PROTECTED], etc that gets CCd to me, that'd be nice.

Or maybe if folks worry about doing that, we could just store it in a maildir, but I'd say a trap hit is pretty good to mark as Spam, and not deliver to any of the other recipeints.

Thoughts?  Seems like an easy one to implement and a really good one to have.


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