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I'm in need of a bit of advice:

I first installed vpopmail-5.4.13 with the many domains option (own table for each virtual domain). Now, when I installed vpopmail-5.4.17 so that each domain goes to the table vpopmail.vpopmail, thinks get wrong. (I even removed whole /home/ vpopmail/ and the database and did the install from the begining)

When I do vadddomain and vadduser, the users go neatly to vpopmail.vpopmail (and the Maildir-directory sturcture is nicely created), but when I try to authenticate via IMAP (Courier) it failes an /var/log/maillog tells me this: Oct 18 12:14:20 moya authdaemond: vmysql: sql error[3]: Table 'vpopmail.testi_com' doesn't exist Oct 18 12:14:20 moya authdaemond: Attempting to rebuild connection to SQL server Oct 18 12:14:20 moya authdaemond: vmysql: connection rebuild failed: Table 'vpopmail.testi_com' doesn't exist Oct 18 12:14:20 moya imapd: LOGIN FAILED, [EMAIL PROTECTED], ip=[::ffff:]

Where can I tell vpopmail that it should try table vpopmail.vpopmail and not vpopmail.DOMAIN?

I configured vpopmail-5.4.17 with this:
./configure --disable-ip-alias-domains --enable-auth-module=mysql -- enable-clear-passwd --enable-libdir=/usr/lib64/mysql/ --enable- tcpserver-path=/home/vpopmail/etc/ --enable-tcpserver-file=/home/ vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp --enable-qmail-ext --enable-logging=e -- enable-tcprules-prog=/usr/local/bin/tcprules --enable-rebuild- tcpserver-file --disable-domain-quotas --enable-many-domains=y -- enable-auth-logging --enable-sql-logging --enable-valias --disable- mysql-limits --disable-roaming-users --enable-logging=p --disable- passwd

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Jarkko Ranta

You need to recompile vmysql or whatever authdaemond is using. It is out of date.

Bert JW Regeer

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