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also, what if a user (i.e. the owner of one specific mailbox) wants to create their own .mailfilter file, either directly or using some kind of web interface which gives them a set of options and writes a .mailfilter file based on their choices? i would search for "/home/vpopmail/domains/.mailfilter-userid" before the file names you're already checking for.

This case is not implemented in the patch, and therefore because it is not simple to handle ".qmail-*" style for maildrop. But it should be very easy to do this in maildrop "style" in the main or referal .mailfilter file.

For the web interface, i agree ... it would be very nice. But there is lot of job to do before :)))

that's what i was thinking- at some point in the future, somebody (maybe myself, if i ever get some free time) (yeah, right) will want to write a web interface which gives individual mailbox owners the ability to either edit their own .mailfilter file, or choose from a list of options which will cause the web back-end to create or modify a per-mailbox .mailfilter file, maybe using some kind of templates to support each available option.

i just don't like seeing patches which lock out future possibilities. flexibility is a good thing.

other than that, your patch looks like a good idea.

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