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I don't know what everyone else is doing, but my .qmail-default looks
like this:
|maildrop  /home/vpopmail/domains/havokmon.com/mailfilter
| /usr/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail
'' /usr/home/vpopmail/domains/havokmon.com/rick

And my mailfiler is essentially:
 # Delete messages with a score of 10 or higher, filter all other
    # spam messages into a spam folder
    /^X-Spam-Status: yes, (hits|score)=![:digit:]+\.[:digit:]+!.*/
    if ( $MATCH2 >= 10.0 )
        exception {
         EXITCODE = 99
         to  "/dev/null"

it's been my experience that this line is not necessary, just setting EXITCODE=99 and then "exit" is enough to cause the message to NOT be delivered anywhere.

I forget exactly what option does it - it's either the EXITCODE with
exit, and or the exception{} blocks, but my .qmail-default is processeed

setting EXITCODE to 99 tells qmail-local (which is what actually reads the ".qmail" file) that the delivery is done, it was successful, and it should stop processing the .qmail file (i.e. don't go on to the next line.) the exit codes are documented in "man qmail- command".

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