On Oct 27, 2006, at 7:06 AM, DAve wrote:
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## At this point qmail-smtpd just sits and never responds 250 ok

The only difference is the colon after the mail from command. No colon and qmail-smtpd responds, a colon and it does not, ever. I narrowed it down to stock qmail works, and qmail + chkuser does not. It seems to make no difference which vpopmail I use. This is very odd to me because this configuration has passed millions of messages in the past two years. I see no reason why it should fail to respond to an incoming connection incorrectly now.

Just as an FYI, RFC821 says you need angle brackets around the email address (and no space after the colon).

Regardless, qmail-smtpd should come back. I just tried your test on my system (Shupp Toaster) and it came back fine.

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