On 2006-10-27, at 2226, Matt Cornell wrote:

I just finished working up this phpbb installation that authenticates (and
updates the password) from amy vpopmail-mysql backend.

Although I have taken more then my fair share of knowledge from open sources it's only lately that I am getting ready to give back. I thought I would ask first before I cleaned and wrote it up for the general public - is anyone
even remotely interested in something like this?

i'm sure there are people who would be interested, but you're more apt to find them on a phpbb mailing list rather than the vpopmail mailing list.

also, a suggestion- i don't know whether your stuff works by running "vchkpw" or by somehow calling the libvpopmail functions directly, but you may want to have it use vpopmaild. this saves the overhead of a fork() and two exec()s, and allows you to upgrade vpopmail without having to re-write (or re-compile) your stuff.

Sorry if this is too off-topic or whatever - I figured this crowd would have
better initial input then a phpbb crowd.

from the technical end, yes. however, i'll be honest- i suspect most of the people here also read bugtraq and know how often new security holes are found in phpbb, and therefore aren't overly interested in running phpbb on our servers.

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