> On a new linux mailserver I was having an erratic problem 
> with mysql and 
> pop3 authentication.  Authentication works 90+% of the time. 
> However, using The Bat! and Outlook clients, I randomly see the 
> following authentication failure and the user must poll pop3 again - 
> which then succeeds.
> In spite of what the qmailctl stat told me, I found that 
> increasing the 
> pop3 'run' file memory limit from 8000000 to 12000000 appears to 
> suppress this issue.
> Any thoughts on "why" would be welcome.  Otherwise, one for 
> the archives... Thanks! Dave.

aside from 'the bat!' being a spamware client filtered by most 
mail daemons and spam solutions... on inbound mailservers... 
your clients are probably sending/reciving 
bigger spam attachments than normal....
to longer lists...

u might also want to look at the number of cc's and bcc's those clients 
are sending... and if its inbound pop have you looked at the size of the 
pop mailboxes that they are attempting to check?

a good hit with 3 or 4 heavy emails will blow 8m pretty easy... 
remmember the mem limit is the size of the pop binaries \PLUS 
the mailbox size....

kenneth gf brown 
ceo shadowplay.net

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