> So I assume I setup the aliases wrong? I tried setting the ownership of the 
> scripts to vpopmail, playing with permissions.
> I see the messages I send to [EMAIL PROTECTED] in the queue. (So, a related 
> qmail question: how do I tell what reason a message is in the queue?)
I guess this question is not really a vpopmail question so you might
consider moving it to the qmail mailinglist.anyway my 2 cents ;)

are you sure its not working (adding the mail to spam/ham)? My guess is
that the mail is still in the queue and cannot be delivered because
after running your script its stuck because it has no more instructions
on what to do with it. That should be easy to test by adding a valid
mailbox (of fiddling with the script return code, but thats behind my
qmail knowledge ;). Let me know if it works.



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