Thanks for the reply, that's very useful, another question.
We're currently managing around 7000 popboxes and most domains
Are in /1 /2 /A directories. Is it possible to do a du -sm *
On all and sort the output, or is there a similar command 
In vpopmail that sorts the actual size of the popboxes (the
Size that's currently being used on the HD?).


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Wouter van der Schagt wrote:
> Guys, I have a few questions 
> - Does modifying vlimits.default file require a recompile?

No but existing accounts will not have their limits changed.

> - How to change all quota's from all popboxes?

vmoduser -q 20M

If you have multiple domains use a bash script

for domain in `cut -d ":" /var/qmail/users/assign -f 2 | sort | uniq | 
egrep -v "^\."; do vmoduser -q 20M $domain; done;

> - Is there an Easy way to determine size of popboxen (list all)

Again a bash script but vpopbull and vdominfo are not giving me what I 
want.  I'll let someone else add the domain name.

for domain in `cut -d ":" /var/qmail/users/assign -f 2 | sort | uniq | 
egrep -v "^\."`;do vuserinfo -nQ -D $domain; done;




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