On Nov 30, 2006, at 4:27 PM, Rick Macdougall wrote:
Off Topic: Tom: Did that qmail patch for simscan work for you when your server gets overloaded (regarding duplicate messages when simscan takes to long to get back to the remote server and the remote server times out ?)

I'm pretty sure it did -- I haven't heard anything from my users since installing it.

I also installed a ucspi-tcp (tcpserver) patch from <http:// linux.voyager.hr/ucspi-tcp/> that lets me limit simultaneous connections per IP or class C netblock, and based on server load. Right now, if the server load hits 7.00, I stop accepting mail on port 25. I continue to accept it on port 587 (which now requires AUTH, thanks to another patch) regardless of the system load. I've been able to up my concurrencyincoming from 10 to 25, since it will throttle under load but continue to accept connections if the current connections are slow.

I also set up another server as backup MX with simscan/sa/clamav, mirrored vpopmail/domains and most qmail/control files (so chkuser works), and trust the mail that comes from that server. The backup MX also handles mail that we simply forward to some clients' Exchange servers, so that helped reduce my load as well.

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