Hi all,

I really don't know where to file this problem... In short I've got something leaving my maildirsize files with root ownership.

vdelivermail, maildrop, qmail-local - none are setuid root. I see this on users that have pop/imap access closed off. So I think that means we're talking about something doing the delivery is doing this.

I'd like to point you to this thread over at the qmail list:


So what I'm catching (qmail-local running as root) is impossible. Yet it seems to be happening. Hrmph.

You'll note I made a wrapper for qmail-local as suggested that should catch if qmail-lspawn is starting qmail-local as root. It's not finding that, yet the problem persists, and a while loop watching for root running qmail-local is finding them.

I am totally stumped. I've burned many hours over the years chasing this down.

My one point of interest in running this by this list is that it looks like the people that have this problem all tend to be overquota. That's one part that's a little unclear - if vdelivermail tries to deliver to an overquota user, or if it hands it to maildrop, I suppose it fails with a specific exitcode that means "temp failure" to qmail-local. Not sure what qmail-local does there or how failed messages work their way back into the queue...

Just looking for more eyes. Anyone care to take a stab at this? I'm going to futz around for the next week or so and then I might try outsourcing this troubleshooting. Any takers here?



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