The user directory and the corresponding Maildir is created by 
vdelivermail if it does not exist (make_user_dir(...) in vpopmail.c called 
from vdelivermail.c) and does not depend on the backend.

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Joshua Megerman wrote:

> On Wednesday 13 December 2006 01:47, Rick Widmer wrote:
> > Joshua Megerman wrote:
> > > In my experience, as long as you add new fields AFTER the existing
> > > vpopmail fields, you shouldn't have any problems.
> >
> > The order of the fields in the table should not matter.  I believe
> > vpopmail always uses explicit lists, so as long as you provide all of
> > the required fields it should be happy.
> >
> OK, I just looked at the MySQL code (the backend I use, and therefore am 
> familiar with) and you're correct.  I don't know if that changed since 
> sometime in 5.3.x, when I first played with extending the DB, but at this 
> point it looks like the columns are explicitly stated in order for all 
> relevant SQL queries, so the order in the DB shouldn't matter.  Just don't 
> change the order in the query without changing the code - that I know for 
> certain :)
> > I believe vdelivermail has support for creating the Maildir for a user
> > when the first email comes in.  All you have to do is create the
> > database entry and wait for a message.  (Maybe the one sent by John's
> > onchange patch.)  <disclamer>I may be wrong, I use cdb.</disclamer>
> >
> I believe you are correct - the user dir doesn't get created until the first 
> attempt by vpopmail to either read or write to it (e.g., deliver a message, 
> check via pop3, etc.).  I don't think this depends on the backend, as every 
> backend stores the location of the user dir effectively the same way.
> Josh

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