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Hi all, im trying to modify the source to add a custom field when a user is created... IE... on the web admin when u create a new user the admin is also asked to put an ID number in... just a simple field, so here goes my theory, i did a search on all source files for gecos, then i created similar fields. ie instead of pw_gecos i would add pw_idnumber... i finish editing all the files and i get unusual errors when i try to compile. Errors such as.

You're in luck -- the pw_uid field isn't used by vpopmail, so you can re-use it for your needs.

If you're a non-programmer, it won't be easy to get it to show up in QmailAdmin though. You might be able to pay one of the QmailAdmin developers on the list qmailadmin-devel (go to http:// qmailadmin.sf.net/ for subscription info) to do it for you.

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