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I need this change for disable RBL check after Pop (using
pop-before-smtp function):

  /* append the current ip address to the tmp file
* using the format x.x.x.x:ALLOW,RELAYCLIENT="",RBLSMTPD=""<TAB>timestamp
- fprintf( fs_tmp_file, "%s:allow,RELAYCLIENT=\"\",RBLSMTPD=\"\"\t% d\n",
+  fprintf( fs_tmp_file,
    ipaddr, (int)mytime);

My users can now connect to smtp port and send email with AUTH.

Can you create a ./configure options for this ":allow" values?

here's a "slightly better" idea: have the code read a text file from ~vpopmail/etc/, or even better from an environment variable, which contains the string you wish to use for each dynamically added IP address... and if that file or variable doesn't exist, the entire "write out the IP address and rebuild the cdb file" process would be skipped.

this way the whole "add POP3 client IPs to the smtpd access control list" process becomes something which can be configured at run time, rather than having to be explicitly configured into or out of the code.

the contents of the file would look like this:


or if you use an environment variable, you would add these two lines to the "run" script for your POP3 and/or IMAP services (assuming you use "DYNAMIC_SMTPD_ACL" as the variable name)...

        export DYNAMIC_SMTPD_ACL

the code would just write out the IP address, the string from this file/variable, a TAB, a timestamp, and a newline.


but here's a "much better" idea: tell your users to use AUTH.

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