here's a "slightly better" idea: have the code read a text file from
~vpopmail/etc/, or even better from an environment variable, which
contains the string you wish to use for each dynamically added IP
address... and if that file or variable doesn't exist, the entire
"write out the IP address and rebuild the cdb file" process would be

Hi John!

This a good idea!

but here's a "much better" idea: tell your users to use AUTH.

Yes! But check my "patch"...

+ :allow,QMAILQUEUE="/var/qmail/bin/simscan",RBLSMTPD=""

I have removed RELAYCLIENT and add QMAILQUEUE.
In this case my user are enabled to connect to SMTP port afer POP,
jumping RBL check, but they will be obligates to use AUTH for send

Thanks for reply

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