Anyone aware of a particularly good discussion of building a farm of vpopmail "compliant" front-end machines for user access to a central file server via NFS on linux? I'm concerned that I haven't thought through issues in how to properly account for webmail/IMAP, MySQL for storing smtp-auth IPs for relay control, and a few other topics. Googling hasn't yielded much but a few threads from the *BSD folks.

My tentative thinking is 2+ front end machines that draw from a common/identical configuration that provide the client interfaces via: - SMTPd, smtp-auth, pop3d, send, IMAPd, anti-virus, anti-spam, webmail (apache + squirrelmail)
- CHKUSER talking to the backend server
- Local /var/qmail/ (typical) install for queue, bin, supervise, etc... possibly taken from the central, backend server via nightly rsync where needed.
- NFS client communication to the central backend server

A single, large server provides the "backend" services to these machines for: - MySQL server (for smtp-auth tracking, squirrelmail prefs/abook/sigs, users, domains)
- NFS Service providing Client-mounted folder(s) for the domains' email.

Any special compile/configuration suggestions to support this that I wouldn't normally use on a single-box solution? Should the client machines be logging to their local drives, to an NFS mounted drive, or log over the network (like syslog-ng, even possible with multilog???) to any particular host?

Any administrative issues that grow through this distributed model? I'm thinking about whether vqadmin or qmailadmin will continue to function correctly when run from any of the "farm" machines? Would I just allow one "admin" machine for vqadmin/qmailadmin to prevent issues?

Any risks of data collision/overlap or other issues that might surface with this multi-server model? Central MySQL should solve most of this, right?

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