Josh just as curiosity what will they mega patch for qmail include?



Joshua Megerman wrote:
> Whoa... I wasn't expecting that...  Just don't send me flowers or
> anything, OK? :)
> OK, I think I'm seeing where you're going with this, and while it'll take
> a little design work (not to mention some help with different backends - I
> only use MySQL right now), I'm game.
> Maybe - we'll see what works out the best after I do a detailed design on it.
> Well, I was thinking that a simple way to do it under the current
> struction was to have --enable-roaming-users="XXX" set the default,
> compile-time directive, and then be able to override it at runtime (thus
> keeping the current behavior without any  changes).  But forcing runtime
> configuration works too, as long as it's well documented .
> If we're taking the info out of vchkpw and moving it into an external
> process, we can design it right from the ground up.  This may involve
> redesigning the relay table to add more info, or have some additional
> tables to do lookups in, but I'm already starting to get some ideas...
> Clean, simple, flexible.  I like it. :)
> Will do (once it's out :)) - I'm a little busy working on a couple of
> other things, like releasing my Uber-Mega-qmail patch set (the patches are
> done, but documenting them takes time... :), but I'll add this to the
> queue.  Since the patch isn't going into 5.4.18 anyway, there's time.
> By default, vpopmail logs the last auth for most backends.  This could
> handle that as well.
> *nod*
> Alternatively, vpopmail could just write to the pipe itself, but the
> onauth script is a cleaner method.  Basically, I'd send 4 tokens to the
> service: user, domain, IP, timestamp.  It can handle the rest.
> It should be able to run as vpopmail, since the tcp.smtp.cdb file is owned
> by vpopmail, and that's what gets used by qmail-smtpd.  vchkpw runs as
> vpopmail, and it handles it all now, so I don't see a need for root access
> here.
> Agreed.  And it makes alternative development/hooks easier too.
> I'd appreciate the help on the daemon, although just giving me the sampe
> code of your daemon would probably be good enough.  I have a very long
> history of looking at other peoples' code and taking just the parts I need
> for whatever I happen to be working on - it's how I learned C in the first
> place 15 years ago... :)
> Josh

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