5.4.18 - released 31-Dec-06

Release Notes:
NOTE: MySQL users will have to update their database structure following
the notes in the file UPGRADE.

5.4.18 - released 30-Dec-06

Joshua Megerman (offsides)
- SQL backend fixes - NOTE: Requires database changes.
  See UPGRADE for 5.4.18.  [1619489]
- MySQL Tablename Backquotes - Add back quotes around table
  names so MySQL will allow names that start with a digit.

- add .qmail-extension ability to vdelivermail
- mods to Delivered-To: header to support .qmail-extension

John Simpson
- onchange - call a script when users or domains are changed
  see README.onchange.
- cslogin - Compact and silent login options for vpopmaild
  note: don't blame John for problems in this, I changed a
  lot to make it fit with other changes. rww

Tijs Zwinkels
- vmysql: add missing mysql_free_result to fix mem leak.

Tom Collins
- vdelivermail: Add missing loop check.
- vchangepw: Minor changes to Peter's error checking.

Rick Widmer  (rwidmer)
- Multiple changes to vpopmaild:
  Add rename_file command.
  Expert mode works in vmoduser.
  Commands that are not yet implemented say so.
  Blank input lines are not an error in vpopmaild.
  Separate help before and after login in vpopmaild.
  Allow 3 tries to login to vpopmaild.
  Clean up if add_user fails because of bad user data.
  Add termination code (.) to get_lastauth return.
  Number the error messages (XXX) in vpopmaild
  If invalid option is sent in set_limits, show warning
- Add various patches from others listed below:

Peter Pentchev (roamer)
- Various sanity checks and minor optimizations [1573292]
- Fix child handling - waitpid and sys/wait.h [1573288]
- Dynamicallly allocate sortdata[] in vpopmail.c [1573287]
- Include ctype.h in the PostgreSQL backend [1573284]
- Set SHELL in vdelivermail before executing external
  programs [1573280]
- Some more error checking in vchangepw [1573277]
- Improve the vpopmaild documentation [1573269]
- Clean cdb files in the distclean target [1573267]
- Optional building as non-root [1573266]

Trent Lloyd (lathiat)
- Add vailas add/delete/list support to vpopmaild [1555398]
- Refresh assign cache if a domain is deleted [1529744]

Bill Shupp
- Add user_count function to vpopmaild
- Add stat_file function to vpopmaild

Please note this is my first attempt at releasing software on
SourceForge, so I have made it a development release.  If you have any
problems with this release, please report them on the


p.s. Extra thanks to John who reminded me that this list needs a copy too! I thought I sent it... :)

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