On Jan 5, 2007, at 10:34 AM, Rick Widmer wrote:
I did not see any objections on changing to .vpopmail* files in user but not domain directories. If anyone does object, now is the time. Files
in ~vppopmail/domains/user_name/ are executed by vdelivermail and will
be renamed.  Files in ~vpopmail/domains/ will stay .qmail and are
executed by qmail-local.

Vdelivermail will look for .vpopmail files and .qmail files in the users directory. If both exist, only the .vpopmail file will be executed. If it does not check the sticky bit and defer messages like qmail- local it needs to. Editing a user .qmail file with the library should result in
it being renamed to .vpopmail.  If both exist, the .qmail file is
ignored. UPGRADE will recommend running Jeremy's script to bulk rename
the files when you install.

I don't see a huge reason to change to .vpopmail. Yes, it's true that vdelivermail is responsible for parsing it, but we're using identical syntax to a .qmail file. Looking at the old source, it appears that someone was working on a replacement for qmail-local that would understand the vpopmail setup.

Here's where I get worried: QmailAdmin and (I think) SquirrelMail plugins and who-knows-what-else already make use of .qmail files. Now that .qmail files are fully supported in vpalias.c, we can update QmailAdmin to use the vpopmail API to work with the files, and it won't know anything about their contents.

I do worry about version compatibility though -- someone running new vpopmail and old qmailadmin.

I see limited benefit to changing at this point. If we're going to make vdelivermail more and more like qmail-local, then I'm for keeping the .qmail filenames.

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