Rick Romero wrote:
On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 11:34 -0700, Rick Widmer wrote:

Back to the future...  after reviewing the threads '5.4.17 patches',
'.vpopmail instead of .qmail' and '5.4.18 & valias' this is what I think
should happen in 5.4.19.

How about removing the cdb domain check for vauth?   I don't know what
all utilizes the vauth function, but I happened to notice that if a
domain does not exist in /var/qmail/control/aliases, a user cannot

To be more precise:  I have a 'user' server which also houses the
primary database.  All creation/deletion of users/domains is done on
that server.  I have another server with an NFS export, also running
IMAP, that has a copy of the required qmail files, a 5.4.17 vpopmail
install on it, and a MySQL slave.   If I create a domain on the 'user'
server, the user cannot authenticate on the IMAP server because the
domain doesn't exist in the aliases cdb file.   For my purposes, the cdb
check is unnecessary, and just another thing I have to replicate.

Is it possible to have a configure with --skip-cdb-auth - or maybe can
we put/replicate the aliases cdb into MySQL ?

Just some thoughts.  It 'feels' smoother to have everything replicated
in MySQL, instead of having scripts run or a bunch of extra NFS mounts..


there will always be files that must be pushed around, in a setup such as that. i think the onchange function is ideal for this. I'm interested to see as time goes on what example onchange hackery people come up with...

so far, i am updating my validrcptto cdb, and (based on what operation is done i.e. add/remove domain), sending an email to admins.

next i feel like i need to create a MySQL log database, where all add/delete/modify operations will be logged to...the username who initiated the change, timestamp, the actual operation etc. this will be used for billing, as well as audit trail for the gui.

does anyone else have interesting onchange thoughts ?


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