On Jan 6, 2007, at 3:34 AM, Rick Widmer wrote:
Tom Collins wrote:
> Now that .qmail files are fully supported in vpalias.c, we can
> update  QmailAdmin to use the vpopmail API to work with the files,
> and it won't know anything about their contents.

I'm planning on it. I may even have it done in some of the old code I have around here. I was working on unifying aliases when Ken released the daemon.

Please let me do it -- I'm in the middle of working with some guys on making QmailAdmin "skinnable" with css.

I know where to make the change, because I remember when I added valias support to QmailAdmin and had to leave some code in to handle dotqmail files.

I'd bet a little bit that we are there already, I think extension handling was the last missing piece. I compared vdelivermail.c with man qmail-local and nothing stood out. Before I say they _are_ the same I'll have to compare the source code of both and do some testing. Since it took a week to write my last message, I make no promises when that will happen... maybe I'll just wait till someone discovers a difference.

Do you think it would be possible for vdelivermail to set up the environment variables correctly and then call qmail-local on the virtual user's directory? Just a thought.

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