In developing the onauth API, one of the things that I want to be a part
of it is the connection type.  Currently, I've got pop3, imap, smtp,
vpopmaild and other.  vchkpw supports 4 different auth types (POP, SMTP,
IMAP and WEBMAIL).  It sets the connection type based on a list of known
ports (25/465/587 for SMTP, 110/995 for POP and 143/993 for IMAP), and
defaults to POP on an unknown conenction.  If it gets a POP or IMAP
connection from a static list of webmail IPs (defaults to only),
it assumes that it's a webmail connection (and there's a bug in that code
too, but I'll address that separately).

vpopmaild checks the username and password directly against the user
database, so setting the type to vpopmaild shouldn't depend on what port
you run it on.  Is there any need for "other", and should I add "webmail"
to the list?  Also, should I use the words listed above, or should I just
use the numeric types defined in vchkpw (0-3) and increment them for
vpopmaild (4) and other (5 - if used)?

Joshua Megerman
SJGames MIB #5273 - OGRE AI Testing Division
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