Joshua Megeman wrote:
> It sets the connection type based on a list of known
> ports (25/465/587 for SMTP, 110/995 for POP and 143/993 for IMAP), and
> defaults to POP on an unknown conenction. 

Sorry, this isn't an actual thread reply, but I just came across an
issue with the vchkpw program itself.

I use Dovecot for my IMAP server, and to get last auth to work properly,
I have to call the vchkpw program.  LastAuth works now, but since vchkpw
defaults to pop, a pop restriction causes IMAP (and webmail) not to
work ;)  Now I'll admit this is probably a mistake in how Dovecot does
vpopmail authentication - but I was wondering if we could also set the
connection type based on the binary name.

For example, vchkpw-imap would set the type to imap.  vchkpw-smtp would
set it to smtp, etc.   This seems like a trivial change, and would only
require a softlink back to vchkpw to enable.  Am I thinking straight, or
am I way offbase?


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