Joshua Megerman wrote:

Well, changing the default LocalPort value won't necessarily cause a
change in functionality, as this is what the code does:

Get the value of the TCPLOCALPORT environment variable.  If it's not set
(getenv returns NULL), set LocalPort to 110, otherwise use atoi to convert
the string to an integer and use that.  Then, it does a case check on the
value of Localport, and here's why changing the default won't necessarily
break anything: If the port is anything other than
{25|110|143|465|587|993|995}, it checks the value of argv[1] for specific
substrings, and sets the connection type based on that:
    a) if argv[1] has "true", it sets it to SMTP
    b) if argv[1] has "imap", it sets it to IMAP
    c) if neither a) or b) are true, it sets it to POP.

The biggest change that setting the default LocalPort to 0 rather than 110
would do is that it would allow for argv[1] to override the default
setting of POP, and it would set the VchkpwLogName to "vchkpw-0" instead
of "vchkpw-pop3".  Since you cannot guarantee that an unset TCPLOCALPORT
is going to mean a pop3 connection on port 110, this seems like a logical
change.  For users who are expecting things to work the same way, the only
difference will be the VchkpwLogName string will be different, and if they
are using SMTP or IMAP that doesn't set TCPLOCALPORT, it may well work as

Good catch! I agree LocalPort should be set to 0 instead of 110 in line 117 (5.4.17) of vchkpw.c because the current value blocks the default case from ever happening. I'm not so sure it will fix Rick's problem - it depends on what Dovecot's imap program is called. Still it is the first step in allowing the name to be recognized in the default case.

Vchkpw will still default to pop if it doesn't find anything else that identifies how it is being called. I just made the change in cvs.

Rick R.: You might want to try changing 110 to 0 in line 117 of vchkpw and see if that fixes your problem. If so, please let me know.

If not please post how you are running Dovecot imap and I will see if I can detect your situation from argv[1].

Also, please note that README.roamingusers mentions that you need to run your POP daemon under tcpserver to allow it to work. If you aren't running imap under tcpserver, doing so will almost certainly fix your problem.


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