Hello everyone,

I guess I really have two issues. First, I just recently patched qmail-smtpd according to the manual installation guide [ http://www.interazioni.it/opensource/chkuser/documentation/installation/manual.html ] and sending works fine, except if authentication is marked in the client. I use Thunderbird on Windows and receive an error 5.5.0 that I'm already authorized. Another user (Thunderbird on Linux) receives an error 4.3.0 that he is unable to read controls. Without authentication, sending works fine. I'm using qmail, vpopmail, MySQL, and courier-auth on a Fedora Core 5 machine. Second one, which isn't near as vital as the first, is the test given on the chkuser site before implementing works for the "rcpt to:" command, but always allows the "mail from" command. I quintuple-checked the patch code and everything is correct, so I can't see why this first check fails. Any ideas on this as well? Thanks for any and all assistance to these problems!

Matthew Washington

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