On Mon, 15 Jan 2007, David Chaplin-Loebell wrote:

> Miki wrote:
> >- so after spending weekend over google ;) I want kindly ask TONIX if
> >he is willing to add smal feature into chkuser 2.0.8, I have idea
> >something like
> >EXTERNAL_FILE = /bla/bla/list.txt (or even cdb)
> >
> I second this request-- having this functionality in chkuser would save 
> me a world of trouble.
> David
I have been off the list for a few days and missed this discussion.  We 
have 3 E-Mail servers, 2 of which are backup MX's and 1 master, I wrote a 
small chkuser-style-server on the master server and a chkuser-style-client 
for both the MX's.  This for us works perfectly and no files have to be 
migrated from the master to the backup's.
The server is very simple (it does not actually use chkuser, but just 
chkuser style functionality), and the client communicates with this server 
to validate destination addresses.  The client is called using a 
qmail-check-recipient patch (not sure where it came from, I might have 
even written it).
It may be possible to write the server to use chkuser and have clients on 
the relay machines.

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